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Game Wizards

To achieve status as game wizards, players should combine practice and smart play. Playing the game several times regularly may create game wizards out of gamers. But aside from practice, smart play should also be involved; repetitive playing without strategy will not create game wizards out of you, but will only produce tired and beaten-out players. If you are confused about what game wizards are, they are titles given to game experts whom newbies and other gamers turn to for tips.

Skills needed to become game wizards

Game wizards have special skills and qualities that make them masters in the world of gaming. Patience and love for the game are prerequisites to great playing. When playing, game wizards must love the problem-solving and strategising parts. Game wizards must also not limit themselves to a few games. For true game expert status, they need to know a wide variety of games.

Becoming game wizards

When transforming themselves into gamers, game wizards must put to good use all their skills. Through years of playing and recording observations, discovered strategies and comparisons among various games may help you become of one of today's game wizards. These may take time, but the benefits can be rewarding for true-blue game wizards.

Strategies of game wizards

Part of being game wizards is knowing all sorts of strategies, including the so-called "cheats". In gaming, cheats are shortcuts to getting what you are aiming for, such as unlocking weapons and finding secret passages. Though cheating itself is not to be condoned, game wizards must also be aware of these "cheats" and know how to use them. Needless to say, game wizards must be keepers of all information about the games they are supposed to be masters of. Cheats such as the god mode makes a player explore all parts of a scene without the danger of being killed. When testing a game, game wizards will definitely benefit from the god mode.

Game wizards also know how to beat the time limit in games. They do this by knowing where to focus on the game. They may focus on earning more lives or beating game villains who are considered obstacles in the game play. Another common characteristic among game wizards is having good eye-hand coordination. They develop this skill through practice or exploring different game levels.

Tips from game wizards

Game tips are available through game magazines, online forums and websites that offer game tips or reviews. Game wizards who may specialise in playing a certain game type and may reveal a few secrets to avid gamers.

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